vJUG24 Session: Reactive Integrations with Akka Streams that Just Work! by Johan Andrén

Session Abstract:

Since it’s stable release earlier this year Akka Streams are becoming more quickly than ever the de facto common integration layer between various Streaming systems.

In part this comes from the Reactive Streams initiative, which has been long led by Lightbend and others, which allow multiple streaming libraries to inter-operate between each other.

More so though, this is thanks to the various integration projects that have sprung up in the community as well as from the Akka team, namingly Kafka, Cassandra, Streaming HTTP and Websocket integrations.

In this talk we’ll explore what and why these integrations matter, how suddenly they’ve become trivial to work with, and what the future holds in this landscape.

Speaker: Johan Andrén

Johan Andrén is a senior developer and member of the Akka Team at Lightbend based out of Stockholm, Sweden. He has been working as a consultant and mentor around Scala, Akka and Play Framework the last 5 years and Java the last 10. In his spare time he co-organizes Scala Usergroup Stockholm and when not in front of a keyboard he enjoys mountainbiking and bouldering.