vJUG24 Session: MicroProfile, Apache TomEE Now & Beyond by Andy Gumbrecht

Session Abstract:

MicroProfile is not just a new buzzword. It’s the serious collaboration to evolve Enterprise Java into the Microservices world, supported by such companies as Red Hat, IBM, LJC, Payara and Tomitribe. Apache TomEE has always offered outstanding performance with a very small footprint. This makes it an ideal candidate and a really good choice for building a Microservices Archtecture. Let’s take a look at how TomEE already fits into the MicroProfile, and how we intend to advance this well known Open Source project to meet the community demands collected at https://microprofile.io/

Speaker: Andy Gumbrecht

Andy Gumbrecht is an Apache TomEE PMC & evangelist, Tomitribe Senior Developer, Open Source developer, public speaker and has been a consultant developer on several successful local government and commercial industry projects.