vJUG24 Session: Avoiding Burnout


I’ve seen many friends and colleagues suffer from burnout over the years. It affects founders, startup employees, and employees at the tech giants. It manifests in different ways—physical or mental exhaustion, hopelessness, mood swings, anxiety. Unfortunately, the high paychecks make it easy to attempt self-medication, leading to occasional substance abuse or even full-blown addiction. Sometimes burnout drives people to leave tech altogether.

The prevailing work culture in Silicon Valley is not sustainable. We all know it, but few are doing anything to change it. In this talk, I’ll share the symptoms of burnout and some practical tips on how to combat it.

Speaker: Ashley McNamara

Ashley McNamara is a Principal Technologist at Microsoft, where she acts as a bridge between third-party developers and Microsoft, driving platform adoption through the developer community and driving change into products based on real-world customer/developer feedback. Ashley was a 2014 Hackbright engineering fellow. In her spare time, she’s a mentor at WeWork, General Assembly, AngelHack, and CapitalFactory and is on the board of multiple engineering groups including Redis Austin, Big Data Analytics Club, and Austin All-Girl Hack Night. Ashley is passionate about helping more underrepresented individuals join and feel comfortable in tech and is often a resource for new developers trying to find their way. Ashely is on twitter @ashleymcnamara.‏