vJUG24 Keynote: Java in the 21st Century: are you thinking far enough ahead?


Discussions abound about the ‘future of Java’ though most of them are actually focused on the here and now. What are the consequences of Java 9 modularity, of moving JEE to Eclipse, of running your application in the cloud? All questions that are important now. but what are the important questions for tomorrow?
In this talk learn about IBM’s view on the real future of Java. See how new hardware technologies, new software approaches and new ideas are powering Java towards a life far removed from that envisioned at its inception. It’s time to look up and see how you will need to change how you think: Whether it’s driven by AI or Quantum Computers the problems of tomorrow demand new approaches and new thinking. Are you ready?

Speaker: Steve Wallin

Steve Wallin is the Program Director of the IBM Runtime Technologies, responsible for leading IBMs language development and innovation in Open Source with Java, Node.js and Swift on the Server. Steve is also a JCP Executive Committee member.

Speaker: John Duimovich

John Duimovich has been the lead designer and implementer for IBM virtual machine technology for more than 25 years. He has designed virtual machines for a wide range of platforms, from small embedded and real-time systems to large server and IBM mainframe systems. Duimovich played a key role in the development of the IBM J9 Virtual Machine, widely used across IBM in hundreds of products. His current focus is on evolving runtime implementations for improved hardware exploitation, acceleration, and offload capabilities to address cloud, analytics, big data, and IoT workloads.