VJUG 24 - 25TH OCT 2017

All twenty-four individual sessions are available below for your viewing pleasure!




The Art of Simplicity

Turbo Charge CPU Utilization in Fork/Join Using the ManagedBlocker

Using Java 9 modules: chances and challenges

JDK9, Reactive Streams & Akka Streams = Real World Awesome

Spring Boot and Kotlin, a match made in Heaven

Testing Java Microservices

Neural Networks WTF

Continuous Delivery Patterns for the Modern Java Developer




Java in the 21st Century: are you thinking far enough ahead?


The Diabolical Developer’s Guide to Java/JVM Performance Tuning

Polishing the Diamond: Core Library Improvements in Java 9

20 Ways to Boost Your Developer Productivity

Java on Mobile

Troubleshooting & Debugging Production Applications in Kubernetes

The end of polling: why and how to transform a REST API into a Data Streaming API




An Overview of Kotlin for Java Programmers

HTTP/2 and What it Means for the Java EE Ecosystem

Radically Reactive Web Apps with Eclipse Vert.x

Front End Development for Back End Developers

Reactive Spring

“So, what they are talking about these days ?” – Analyzing and Visualizing topics with Graph

Making the Most of Your Gradle Build

Your Serverless Cheatsheet – Getting the Best out of the Serverless Cloud