Turning the JVM into a Polyglot VM with Graal

Many programming languages need a virtual machine (VM) to run your programs on. If you’re lucky, someone will have put in the hundreds of years of work required to make a really fast one, like Oracle’s HotSpot for Java or Google’s V8 for JavaScript. If you’re unlucky you may be using a language where the standard VM doesn’t have the same kind of technology, such as Ruby or Python.

The GraalVM is an effort to take the kind of technology that is in the Java VM and make it available for implementing many other languages, so that they can all have a fast VM and so that they can all work together in the same VM.

This makes it possible to have faster programs, written in the languages that you want to use. This is the one VM to rule them all.

Speaker: Chris Seaton
Chris Seaton is Research Manager at the Virtual Machine Group in Oracle Labs, where he leads the work to implement Ruby using the next generation of Java Virtual Machine technology, and other projects. Before this he completed a PhD at the University of Manchester where he researched programming languages and irregular parallelism. Before that, he completed an MEng at the University of Bristol on languages with mutable syntax and semantics. In his spare time he used to develop an award winning medical app that is the first app regulated as a medical device in the UK, and ran a consultancy to help clients such as the UK National Health Service to develop revolutionary medical software. Find Chris on twitter @ChrisGSeaton.