Terminator meets Minority Report – Augmented Reality and gesture control with 3D cameras

What if face detection could help you identifying people standing in front of you? What if you could control a quadrocopter using gesture control only? Using Augmented Reality glasses and modern 3D cameras the maker team around Thomas Endres and Martin Förtsch created stunning showcases demonstrating the current state of the art in these fields of application. The developers will talk about current camera and AR glasses technology. But they will also show some demos and give an insight into their programs from capturing the camera signals up to displaying them on a VR display.

Speakers: Thomas Endres & Martin Förtsch

Thomas Endres is an IT consultant working for TNG Technology Consulting in Munich. Apart from his main business, he is an Intel Software Innovator and Black Belt as well as an Oracle Java One Rockstar. He is also working as a lecturer at the University of Applied Sciences in Landshut. With his team from TNG Technology he is developing Augmented Reality and robotics prototypes using Oculus Rift as well as Nao robots. He is passionate about software development and all the other aspects of technology. In his spare time, he is working on gesture control applications for his blog ParrotsOnJava.com, i.e. for controlling drones with bare hands. But he is also involved in other open source projects written in Java, C# and all kinds of JavaScript languages.

Martin Förtsch studied computer science and is working as a software consultant for the IT consulting company TNG Technology Consulting GmbH (http://tngtech.com) which is based near Munich (Germany). His focus areas at work are Agile Development in Java, Search Engine Technologies, Information Retrieval and Databases. As an Intel Software Innovator, Intel Black Belt Software Developer and Oracle JavaOne Rock Star he is strongly involved in the development of open-source software for gesture control with 3D-cameras like e.g. Intel RealSense and has built an Augmented Reality wearable prototype device with his team. He is an author for the technical blog ParrotsOnJava.com (http://parrotsonjava.com)

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