So why would I use a distributed database like Apache Cassandra?

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A new “database” seems to appear every other week. Most of them are “NoSQL” so they must be cool. All these new tools make it really hard for developers to cut through the fluff and know which type of data store to use and why.

This session is going to be primarily about a distributed masterless database called Apache Cassandra. By the end of it I hope you’ll understand when Cassandra is the right choice and more importantly when it isn’t. We’re going to do a deep dive so get your distributed system hat on as we’re going to go into Cassandra’s dynamo architecture, CAP theorem, cross DC latency, eventual consistency and Paxos. Even if you don’t want to use Cassandra learning how it works can really help you build distributed systems.

We’ll finish up with how to interact with Cassandra from Java and how the new drivers make it a breeze.

Speaker: Christopher Batey

Christopher is a Software Engineer by trade and is currently employed by DataStax as a Technical Evangelist for Apache Cassandra, previously he was Senior Software Engineer at BSkyB where he spent his time designing and developing their next generation platform that backs Sky Go, Now TV etc. He is a keen blogger, tweeter and open source advocate.

IRC logs can be found here.