Programming Language Development Made Easy

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Xtext let’s you build fully featured programming languages as well as simple domain specific languages (DSL) easily. Based on a syntax description in a powerful grammar language, the framework not only gives you a generated parser and AST but supports the full stack of infrastructure that is needed. This includes compiler aspects, like linkers, type checkers as well as rich editor support for Eclipse, IntelliJ and web. Also a deep integration with the common build tools Maven, Gradle, and Ant comes out of the box.

Xtext is an open-source project at The framework is actively developed, very mature and widely used in industry and research.

In this session you will first get a brief introduction into the main concepts of Xtext. After that we will build a DSL from scratch.

Speakers: Sven Efftinge & Miro Spönemann

Sven Efftinge (itemis) works as consultant, coach and developer. He leads an open-source development lab in Kiel which focuses on language design, compiler development and Eclipse technologies. He is project lead of several open-source projects at Among them is Xtend (, a statically-typed programming language that compiles into Java source code, and Xtext (, an award-winning framework for language development.

Dr. Miro Spönemann is a software engineer and consultant for itemis in Kiel (Germany). After five years of research on graph layout algorithms and their application to model-driven development, he is now focused on domain-specific languages and their integration in web applications. Miro is a core committer of Xtext, an open-source tool for language development (both domain-specific and general-purpose) with support for multiple platforms.

IRC logs can be found here.