JavaLand Session: What’s coming in Java.Next?


This session will take place live from the Javaland conference in Germany on the Nighthacking stage! Learn from Heather VanCura how you can take part in Java technology by Adopting a JSR. This session give a brief overview of the Adopt-a-JSR program and how to participate through the Virtual JUG. We will meet and discuss with three current JCP Spec Leads to find out how their JSRs could benefit from vJUG Adopt-a-JSR participation.

Andres Almiray will discuss JSR 377, Desktop|Embedded Application API; Anatole Tresch will discuss JSR 354, Money & Currency API; and Ed Burns will discuss the two JSRs he is currently leading, JSR 369, Java Servlet 4.0 Specification and JSR 372, JavaServer Faces (JSF 2.3) Specification.

Find out how the Virtual JUG can benefit from Adopt-a-JSR and how you can contribute to JSRs developed through the JCP program.

IRC logs be be found here.