Java 9: What can we look forward to?


This is a joint session between NLJUG and CJUG, hosted by the vJUG.

Java 9 will be released very shortly, and in this online session, JUG participants from around the world will dive into details about this upcoming release. Viewers will learn about some of the Java 9 new features, integration information, along with tips and tricks. Presenters include Simon Maple, Robert Scholte and Josh Juneau.

Follow along online, ask questions, and learn about how Java 9 will be beneficial to you. Java EE 8 is also very close to release, and as such, there will be a short presentation providing insight on some of the many new features. Viewers will be presented with a number of examples, so they can get started working with Java EE 8 new features quickly.

Here is the current schedule which is subject to change

• Joint introduction of the session, including a short, (very) high level overview of the Java 9 release

• “The Pragmatic Developer’s Guide to Java 9” by Simon Maple and Oleg Shelajev

• “Java 9 performance” by Jonathan Ross

• “Java 9 and the impact on Maven projects” by Robert Scholte”

• Discussion panel, Q&A, Top Java 9 features

• “Java EE 8 update” by Josh Juneau