Getting C/C++ performance out of Java

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Today everything is connected, from the wearables to internet banking, every business is global and technology revolves around messaging. Data volumes have gone through the roof, “Big Data” is the buzzword of the era and we’ve been forced into distributed architectures and in-memory databases to handle the demand. We are now being held back by Java, its inefficient memory handling, and atrocious serialisation. By re-applying some of the lessons we learnt in the days of C/C++ we can significantly speed it up, and we’re not talking 50%, but 50 times.

Speaker: John Davis

John is co-founder and CTO of C24, a London based fast data company specialising in high-volume, low-latency complex messaging. With customers including many of the world’s largest investment banks, C24 provides data optimisation for standards like SWIFT, ISO-20022, FpML and FIX as well as proprietary formats. C24 has recently released a new data optimization product – PREON – that creates highly optimized binary versions of these complex messages reducing memory and network usage by over 20 times, while significantly increasing performance.

John has been global chief architect at JP Morgan, BNP Paribas and was the original architect behind Visa’s (now Visa Checkout). John has co-authored several Java books and is a frequent speaker at technical and banking conferences around the world. He is married to a French wife and has 3 boys (12, 14 & 17) who all love travelling (as long as there’s internet).

IRC logs can be found here.