DI-Frameworks, some hidden pearls

Dependency Injection is now part of nearly every Java project. But what is the difference between DI and CDI. How to decide what I could use better, what frameworks are available and what are the differences for me as a programmer? What could be an option for the IoT, Desktop or Web project? In this talk we will get an overview of different frameworks and how they are working. We are not checking the well known big one only, but we are looking at some small sometimes specialized hidden pearls.

Speaker: Sven Rupertt

Sven has been coding Java since 1996. He is a Fellow for reply based in Munich. In his free time he is regularly speaking at Conferences like JavaOne, Jfokus, Devoxx, JavaZone, and many more, and contributes to IT periodicals as well as tech portals. He is blogging at www.rapidpm.org