Devoxx4Kids: Squishy Circuits: Mixing Science & Art for Young Kids

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Squishy Circuits is a workshop that is all about having fun while learning about the basics of circuitry including electricity, current, voltage, and conductive/insulating materials. Combining science, art, and technology, this hands-on workshop allows individuals to create a variety of figures using play dough, batteries, LEDs, and wires. This workshop has been a huge hit this past year, with sessions at OSCON, JavaOne, Silicon Valley Code Camp, Black Girls Code RobotExpo, and more. This webinar session will focus on the basic run through of a typical Squishy Circuits workshop, along with a Arduino demonstration. Squishy Circuits will truly make you stretch your imagination!

Speakers: Pavi Bhatter

Pavi is a current 11th grader attending Mission San Jose High School in California. She has been a Girl Scout for over ten years and initially developed the Squishy Circuits curriculum as part of her Gold Award project, the highest award a Girl Scout can earn. Pavi also enjoys volunteering, and was recently recognized by the White House for her volunteer work. In school, she enjoys subjects like math, physics, and psychology, and enjoys being a part of various school organizations. Pavi is passionate about technology and business and hopes to continue to learn and share her knowledge with others in the future.

IRC logs can be found here.