Design is a Process, not a Document



Presenter(s): Trisha Gee.

Trisha ran a very interactive session that asked the audience questions about how they code in their teams and drive consistency across the team. Initially this focused on coding standards and consistency across a codebase. Is this really important and which tools are available to us to help us maintain consistency. Sonar certainly got a lot of attention on IRC as a tool that could be used to achieve this goal.

We moved onto APIs next and discussed what it means when other vendors or projects provide new APIs, different to your offering, which uses the same core runtime implementation. We also talked about how APIs evolve and how you can go forward with new functionality, while at the same time looking backwards to ensure you don’t affect existing users wanting to upgrade.

Aside from that, a few things happened that we weren’t expecting:

  • No Fail! We experienced zero technical problems with audio or video–except when Simon subjected viewers to an uninterrupted faceshot of Oliver White, Head of RebelLabs, for at least 4 minutes)
  • They stayed tuned. Over 75% of people stayed on after 1 hour
  • IRC revival! vJUG’s IRC channel was blowing up and extremely active–we captured the entirety of the chat here for your reading pleasure.